Hosting Streaming Feautures
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Flash Media Server hosting provided by FmsHosting.IT, in collaboration with IdeaWeb.IT, fulfills all the basic needs for those who need broadcast "Live" and / or "on demand" through its website:

- Shared Hosting -> Hosting strandard kind regards. Allows a very low cost from € 9 per month to use our service now streaming solutions via bi-monthly or annual contract (with no activation fee). This service supports FLAT peak bandwidths up to 25 Mbit / s to meet traffic needs a certain level

- Hosting Spot or event -> relates to a particular type of service delivery and is addressed to all those who do not wish to be bound with a monthly or yearly fee, but who need to provide a streaming service "Live" and / or "On Demand" only for an event or daily fine to a maximum of 4 days. This service supports FLAT peak bandwidths up to 40 Mbit / s;

- Managed Dedicated Hosting -> about the type of dedicated web streaming services. This service is aimed at all those people (and businesses) who need to deliver consistent service over time and at the same time in terms of guaranteed ganda configured, hardware (dedicated server) and license to use the Flash Media Server with consequent unlimited availability of simultaneous users. This service supports FLAT peak bandwidths up to 100 Mbit / s on a strandard configuration, but you can set up and configure bandwidth FLAT cuts to 1 Terabit / s.

- Hosting on dedicated clusters or configurations Origin / Edge -> Enterprice regards the solution within the dedicated servers. Fall into this type of service companies that have an interest in delivering a highly professional service streraming. The configuration on Cluster (load balancing and / or fault tolerance) provides a highly secure service delivery and performance, also the configuration Origin / Edge of delivering streaming content over different geographical areas. For example you can provide the same service to "n" positions (Europe, Asia, America, etc ...) using several servers located in different positions or all within the same server farm, but using a single connesisone RTMP.