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Filling out the form on the left you will receive by email all required settings to use your FMS Demo service for free (three days).

Technical Specifications*:

1 VHost:
1 3rd level domain/RTMP string:
4 Max Users:
2 Mbit/s Peak Bandwidth:
512 Kbit/s Client/User Bandwidth:
FLAT/Unlimited Data Transfer:

Note = FMS Demo Hosting Service (S) will be automatically disabled after three (03) days from its start, or immediately and in a manner unchallengeable by fmshosting.it if its use is considered to be consonant with the purposes set.

Other technical specs:
- The service includes the provision of the rtmp string to an application (folder "application") and unique default. This configuration allows the use of the FMS service in either a live many many many expected according to the logic / standard of Flash Media Server ver.3.x;
- For any test function on-demand, the Buyer shall provide the stream to play (file. Flv,. F4V. MP3) to ns. Technical Assistance Service, which will in turn upload VHost within the FMS Demo (S) activated;
- If the test feature "one to many Live" via the Flash Media Encoder, will be announced during the activation of the necessary authentication credentials provided for the use of such support;
- * = The technical specifications of this solution FMS Demo (S) are unique and can not be changed. Into the desired if it is your intention to confirm your interest by putting in FMS Hosting Plan (S) among those in the catalog, you will need to identify the ideal and in line with your lending needs real attention to the various specific techniques between the different solutions available today.